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Adam Walsh 3rd. Dan - 2009


Grading September 2017

Kids September 2017 Technique Competition

New Grading System for Young People:

Emily Rees 13th  Kyu Red Tab -  Nikola Bednarz 14 Kyu .

1st Pace Gold Medal-Emily Rees   2nd Place Silver Medal  Nikola Bednarz.


Grading March 2017

Kids March 2017 Technique Competition

New Grading System for Young People:

Emily Rees 14th  Kyu Red Tab -  Georgia Cooke 14th Kyu -Jawad Ali 13th Kyu -  Nikola Bednarz 14 Kyu .

1st Pace Gold Medal-Emily Rees   2nd Place Silver Medal - Georgia Cooke - Joint 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Zakiya Ali and Nikola Bednarz.



Grading December 2016

Kids December 2016 Technique Competition

Emily Rees 9th Kyu - Tiana Bateman 7th Kyu  -  Robert Wiczynski 7th Kyu - Szymon Wiczynski 7th Kyu - Paul Allcock 7th Kyu - Ben Entwistle 1st Kyu. 1st Pace Gold Medal   2nd Place Silver Medal - Emily Rees - 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Benjamin Scott



Grading September 2016

Kids September 2016 Technique Competition

Tiana Bateman 8th Kyu  -  Benjamin Scott  (One new Brown Belts) 1st Pace Gold Medal XXXXXX -   2nd Place Silver Medal -  Benjamin Scott - 3rd Place Bronze Medal - Emily Rees.


Grading June 2016

Kids June 2016 Technique Competition

Tiana Bateman 9th Kyu  -  Robert Wiczynski, Szymon Wicznski, 5th Kyu 1st Pace Gold Medal - Robert Wiczynski -   2nd Place Silver Medal -  XXXXX 3rd Place Bronze Medal - XXXXX


March Grading 2016

Kids March 2016 Technique Competition

Jawad Ali, Robert Wiczynski, Szymon Wicznski 9th Kyu - Paul Allcock 8 Kyu - Stephen  Sigsworth 5th Kyu - Zakiya Ali 4th Kyu 1st Pace Gold Medal -XXXXXX -  2nd Place Silver Medal -  Robert Wiczynski - 3rd Place Bronze Medal - XXXXX


December  Grading/Exam 2015 Adults Kata Competition 2015 Kids Kata Competition 2015 Kids Technique Competition December 2015

XXX 9th Kyu - Ryan Donald and Cameron Whyte 7th Kyu - Banjamine Scott 4th Kyu - Chris Smith 2nd Kyu. 1st Place Craig Roberts - 2nd Place Stephen Sigsworth - 3rd Place Mel Whalley 1st Place Keiko Walsh - 2nd Place XXXX - 3rd Place Benjamin Scott 1st Place Georgia Stephens - 2nd Place Cameron Whyte - 3rd Place XXXXX


September Grading/Exam 2015

Kids September 2015 Technique Competition

Thomas Scarlet & Paul Allcock 9th Kyu - Philip Sambrook 5th Kyu 1st Pace Gold Medal - XXXX -  2nd Place Silver Medal - Cameron Whyte  - 3rd Place Bronze Medal - XXXXX



June Grading/Exam 2015

Kids June 2015 Technique Competition

Oscar Bradshaw 9th Kyu, Arleta Soltys 9th Kyu, Ryan Donald 8th Kyu, Kailen Wright 8th Kyu, Cameron Whyte 8th Kyu, Callum Fortune 6th Kyu, Zakiya Ali 5th Kyu, XXXXXX 5th Kyu, Abid Miah, 3rd Kyu. 1st Pace Gold Medal -XXXX -  2nd Place Silver Medal - Callum Fortune  - 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Cameron Whyte


March Grading/Exam 2015

Kids March 2015 Technique Competition

9th Kyu Kailen Wright & Ryan Donald - 5th Kyu Benjamin Scott 1st Pace Gold Medal - XXXX -  2nd Place Silver Medal - Cameron Whyte  - 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Kailen Whight


December Grading/Exam 2014

Kids December 2014 Technique Competition

Cameron Whyte 9th Kyu - Callum Fortune 7th Kyu - XXXXX, John Purton, Philip Sambrook 6th Kyu - Lesley Tyrer 5th Kyu - Abib Miah 4th Kyu - Keiko Walsh Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) 1st Pace Gold Medal - XXXXXX -  2nd Place Silver Medal - Cameron Whyte  - 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Callum Furtune


September Grading/Exam 2014

Kids September 2014 Technique Competition


 1st Pace Gold Medal - Callum Fortune -  2nd Place Silver Medal - XXXXX- 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Eleanor Purton


Grading/Exam June 2014

Four of the Dan Grades

Chris Dodgson 9th Kyu - Callum Fortune 8th Kyu - Philip Sambrook 7th Kyu - John Purton 7th Kyu - Zakiya Ali 6th Kyu - Abid Miah 5th Kyu - Melanie Whalley 4th Kyu  


Grading/Exam March 2014

Kids Competition Results March 2014

Megan Washbourne - 9th Kyu, Philip Sambrook, Bradley Wilkins - 8th Kyu, XXXXX, Zakiya Ali - 7th Kyu, Abid Miah, Leah Pike, Benjamin Scott - 6th Kyu. 1st Pace Gold Medal - Abid Miah - 2nd  Place Silver Medal - Bradley Wilkins -  - 3rd Place Bronze Medal -  Zakiya Ali


Grading/Exam December 2013

Kids Competition Results December 2013

Leah Pike, Abid Miah 7th Kyu. XXXXX, Zakiya Ali 8th Kyu. Eleanor Purton 7th Kyu. Philip Sambrook, Bradley Wilkins, Callum Furtune 9th Kyu. 1st Pace Gold Medal Callum Fortune - 2nd  Place Silver Medal Abid Miah - 3rd Place Bronze Medal Leah Pike.



Grading/Exam September 2013

Kids Competition Results September 2013

Georgia XXXXXX 9th Kyu - Leah Pike 8th Kyu - Benjamin Scott 7th Kyu - Keiko Walsh 1st Kyu - Craig Roberts - Shodan Ho.  1st Pace Gold Medal Leah Pike - 2nd  Place Silver Medal Benjamin Scott - 3rd Place Bronze Medal XXXXXX.



June 2013 Grading/Exam

Kids Competition Results June 2013


Right to left F/Row: Keiko Walsh, Abid Miah 9th Kyu, Zakiya Ali 9th Kyu, Melanie Whalley 5th Kyu, Zaynab Siddiqah 9th Kyu, Leah Pike 9th Kyu, Benjamin Scott 8th Kyu. Not on Photo: John Purton - Eleanor Purton - Thomas Purton all 8th Kyu.

1st Place Leah Pike -2nd Place Abid Miah - 3rd Place Eleanor Purton


December 2012 Grading/Exam

Kids Competition Results December 2012

Right to left: Keiko Walsh 2nd Kyu - Lawrence Smith 3rd Kyu - Benjamin Scott, Thomas Purton, Eleanor Purton and John Purton 9th Kyu's

1st Place - Keiko Walsh 2nd Place - Thomas Purton 3rd Place - Benjamin Scott


Demo Team 2011


Academy Black Belts (Back Row) June 2006

 Steve Matzen 2nd Dan - Joe Doran 2nd Dan -  Kevin Roberts 1st Dan -  Adam Walsh 3rd Dan -  Syl Walsh 5th Dan.

Grading at Academy/School January 2007


40yrs celebration at Academy March 9th 2008


Grading September 2008

Our Children at Grading September 2008


Some Photographs from the past.

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                                                                                   Top Left Photo.
North Midland Open Karate Championships
1986. These Students were from the Crewe Clubs.  James Walsh back row on the Right & Mark Roberts (Harry's Brother) next to him. Who are the others and where are they now ?
      Top Right Photo..

This is the other Shotokan Karate Club Run by the Kotowski Brothers, Mike & Paul, good friends. I don't recall all the names, but 6th on the left is Paul Kotowski & to his left  is Joe Doran.                                                                             

club.gif (101051 bytes)

demo71.gif (119661 bytes)

                                                                                     Top Left Photo..
1969 - Crewe Club. Back row, left to right: Bob Aikman, Sensei Kimura, Roy Eldon, Don Lawton (Don & Roy were Crewe's first Instructors) Second row; 3th. from left: John Simpson, next to him Bill Gorski, second from right Dave Warburton (SKU) Front row: senond from left: Sylvester Walsh.
Top Right PhotoTop Right Photo.
Early 70s : left to right : Sylvester Walsh, Dave ?, Dave Warburton, Bill Gorski & John Simpson. (Demo Team)

course.gif (109352 bytes)

coral.jpg (27051 bytes)

                                                                                     Top Left Photo.
Lilleshall Course 1977
: Sensei Kimura 8th. Dan, Stan Knighton 7th. Dan Chief  Instructor of the SKU, Eddy Daniels 7th. Dan Chief Instructor of the SKF, Tomy Kwan 6th. Dan Chief Instructor of the Rising Sun, Dave Warburton 6th. Dan SKU, Peter Consterdine 6th. Dan, John Fallows 4th. Dan, Sylvester Walsh 5th. Dan  E.S.K.A.
(I apologise if I got some of the grades wrong (these were not the grades of   1977)  I  also apologise for forgeting most of the names) 
                                                                                   Top Right Photo.

Demo Team, Coral Squash Club, 1978 ? : Richard Brocklehurst, Dave, Mick Jardine, Sylvester Walsh, Dave Warburton, Alan Fleet, Kevin (Harry) Roberts, Paul Webster & George Stedman.

sylbreak.jpg (34683 bytes)

scott.jpg (28287 bytes)

Me, Sylvester Walsh on the break, early 70s

Scott Simpson and Mark, early 80s

groupe.jpg (35068 bytes)

dylamadam.jpg (26913 bytes)

Me again in Ireland 1999 with my son Adam middle back and my nephew Con the White Belt. 1995 - Left to Right: Dylan Walsh  now in the Army. Adam Walsh, Trevor Jones, Gary Ritchie who joined the Police force in Scotland, now a Shodan and sadly missed and Kevin Harry Roberts on the right.

scottharry.jpg (32156 bytes)


Left to Right: David Broom, Scott Simpson, Kevin Roberts and Tracy Ashley - Student of the Year Award.


Have the Cone Heads come ? or James breaking too much with his head ?.

December 2002 - Our Daughter Keiko Walsh

Grading March 2005

Grading June 2005

Grading December 2005 - Three New black belts - Jim Pugh - Dave Langford and Steve Matzen

Old Photo 1971 ? at Tommy Cooper Show.

Does anyone recognise anybody ? Email me.

Club Competition, Feb 2006

On your Bike !


Going down

How to Kiai

Karate Grading December 2006 - New Black Belt, Jim Pugh

Joe & Jim 


Dave Pridgeon, Simon Oliver, Tivvy Gomersall, Steve Coyne and Rob Loft  pointing at my badge; Syl Walsh. Note we all had these daft 'Rats under our noses ! except two of us.  Crewe Kids 1980s Where are they now?


Grading 2005

Alan Fleet, Richard Brocklehurst & Syl Walsh  at a Lilleshall Course in 1977

Alan Fleet & Class Alan Fleet and Doreen 2007

My New Bike, fast enough for you?

FireBlade 2007


40yr Celebration of Academy 9th March 2008 - School opened 1968 


Dylan in Iraq

Dylan before Iraq (My boy)


Grading September 2008

Our Children at Grading September 2008


My last job

When I was younger



Dylan in Iraq


Grading March 2009

Competition May 2009

Keiko the Pirate, Happy

Keiko the Pirate, mad

Kata Competition for Adults & Children October 2009

Kata Competition for Black Belts October 2009


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